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Senegalese star boxer Souleymane Cissokho on the road to world title
On Saturday, Senegalese Souleymane Cissokho will face Kieron Conway in Texas, USA -- with a WBA Intercontinental belt at...
[Africanews] 06/05/2021
Huge milestone for Senegalese Teungueth FC in CAF Champions League!
Teungueth FC became the first Senegalese team in 17 years to reach the African Champions League group stage -- sealing...
[Africanews] 06/05/2021
Senegalese journalists stage sit-in protest to mark World Press Freedom day
The International Press Freedom Day was celebrated in Senegal on Monday by journalists staging a huge rally in demand of...
[Africanews] 04/05/2021
Black Candidate Challenges Political Status Quo in Spain
MADRID - Two young Senegalese men met on a Europe-bound migrant boat in 2006, a year that saw a record influx of...
[The Africa news] 02/05/2021
Senegal: Senegal Has A Law Criminalizing Slavery - Here Is Why That Matters
[allAfrica] Dakar -- It has been eleven years since Senegal's National Assembly passed a law declaring the Atlantic...
[AllAfrica] 28/04/2021
Chad: Habré Stays in Jail but His Support Grows
[] Four years after his life sentence was upheld on appeal, former Chadian president Hissène Habré is...
[AllAfrica] 26/04/2021
4 newborns die in Senegal hospital blaze
A fire in a neonatal ward in the northern Senegalese town of Linguere has killed four babies, according to local and...
[News24] 25/04/2021
Women in Senegal try to keep pottery tradition alive
In the village of Cassamance, in the south of the Senegal, pottery is a tradition and art that is passed on from...
[Africanews] 25/04/2021
4 newborns die in Senegal hospital blaze
A fire in a neonatal ward in the northern Senegalese town of Linguere killed four babies on Saturday, according to local...
[The Africa news] 25/04/2021
Senegalese Christian youth show religious solidarity during Ramadan
The Christian youth in Senegal demonstrate the country's traditional religious tolerance during the holy month of...
[Africanews] 23/04/2021
Deby's Death Raises Security Concerns in West Africa
DAKAR, SENEGAL - The death of Chad's President Idriss Deby this week has raised concerns about stability in the country...
[The Africa news] 23/04/2021
The tale of Gay capital turned homophobic state
In this episode, we investigate the colonial roots of homophobia in Senegal. To do this, we travel back in time to when...
[Africanews] 22/04/2021
Senegal kicks off Ramadan while navigating lingering pandemic effects
Far from the difficult Ramadan of 2020, this year is looking better in Senegal -- although traders and customers still...
[Africanews] 19/04/2021
Senegal Declines Release of Former President of Chad, Habré
The Senegalese judiciary has turned down a request for the release of former President Hissène Habré of Chad… The...
[News Central] 19/04/2021
Senegal court refuses release of former Chad president Habré
Hissène Habré was sentenced to life imprisonment by an African court in Dakar in 2016 for crimes against humanity.
[Africanews] 18/04/2021
The growing appeal of horse racing for Senegal's youth
Away from football pitches, horse racing is becoming more and more of a passion for Senegal's youth. For poor families,...
[France 24] 16/04/2021
Senegalese worshippers distribute free meals during Ramadan
The Senegalese Muslim community start the month of Ramadan in solidarity and sharing
[Africanews] 16/04/2021
Senegalese muslims resume collective prayers during Ramadan under strict health protocols
Activities at the mosque were suspended in 2020 because of the pandemic. The collective prayers of the holy month are...
[Africanews] 15/04/2021
The Collective For The Renewal Of Africa (CORA) Hosts Conversation Series To Commemorate Its Launch
12-17 April, 2021 15:00 GMT DAKAR, Senegal, April 12, 2021 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/- The Collective for the Renewal...
[African Media Agency (AMA)] 12/04/2021
Senegal: UNFPA to launch book modeling implementation of Demographic Dividend in a popular urban setting
[UNFPA in WCA] Dakar, Senegal -- 10 April 2021: The Regional Director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Mr....
[AllAfrica] 12/04/2021
Gambia: Foreign Partners Hail GRA for Attracting Investors
[The Point] European and Western partners including some United States investors monitoring the recent Banjul-Dakar...
[AllAfrica] 10/04/2021
Senegal: Government Looks Into Deadly Unrest
The Government of Senegal on Thursday set to investigate the deadly violence in March which soiled the country’s… ...
[News Central] 09/04/2021
Living in shadows: Life as a gay in Dakar
Dakar-based journalist Marta Moreiras explores what it means to be gay in Senegal, where homosexual men here are...
[Africanews] 09/04/2021
Senegalese government announces probe into unrest
Senegal's government on Thursday said an "independent and impartial" commission would investigate deadly violence in...
[Africanews] 09/04/2021

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